CBS Medical SRL manufactures and markets antibacterial and decontaminant mats

CBS Medical Srl is an Italian company born in 1985 and located in Schio (Vicenza) in the Italian north- East Industrial Area. From the beginning itself clearly apart from the market thanks to the attention to the product quality and service punctuality


Antibacterial and decontaminating Mats

Essential where it is required the maximum hygiene and decontamination

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The use of the decontaminating and antibacterial mat significantly reduces the presence of microorganisms. For this reason, it is considered a device of great use, especially in risk areas such as operating theatres and departments with immunosuppressed patients


The presence of microorganisms during the passage of carts or people it is usually underestimated, especially in the areas near the ones at high risk of environmental contamination.
The greatest danger is that of bringing these resistant microorganisms in high risk zones during the passage of people or carts, causing a possible source of infection.

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