Our mission is care for people, work ethics and professionalism. The secret of genuine success is in giving and creating positive impact in the world around us marked with our contribution to the world.

Time invest in our professional activities deserves 100% focus and dedication. Time, consumed productivly means that we approach to every task in formnt of us with full dedication and effort.

Professionalism is the way we operate : our speech, conduct, education, accuracy, integrity, credibility and commitment to continuous improvement. We never stop personal growth and learning. Our priority is constant specialization and perfecting in all areas.

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Our vision is to devotedly work on achieving regional leader position in distribution of medical devices. We want to continuously improve our partner relationships with clients and increase customer satisfaction.

We are recognized as innovative company with brands holding leading position in medical technology, education and research and development of medical care and improvement of diagnostic and therapeutic methods.

Our goal is to develop and improve exceptional capacity of our employees and quality of the processes inside our organization.